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Up to £1,500 p/w - per crew*




North West


Greater Manchester

Opportunity Overview

About The Role

Want to boost your income?

Do you have a day or two a week spare and fancy picking up some extra income?

Why not become a contract driver for AO and top-up your bank account with weekly payments!

More About the Delivery Driver Opportunity:

Flexible self-employed driver opportunities available, take advantage of great revenue potential

Let us know your availability through our dedicated app

Two-person team, bring along your own mate!

The pay rate is equivalent to £10.12 per hour with additional payments available for 5* customer service **

A Few Things About You

A Few Things About You:

We provide:

  • Fully fuelled vehicle
  • Appropriate training
  • Weekly pay

We ask from you:

  • Good communication skills and a passion for customer service
  • A standard valid UK manual licence with no more than 6 points
  • No criminal convictions
  • Able to work with a mate
  • Reliable

* * We do not pay an hourly rate rather a fixed fee per day’s route per two-person crew. Our data shows that the fixed fees paid equate to a maximum effective rate of £10.54 per hour per person and an average of £10.12 per hour. 5* Additional payments are only payable to drivers who have contracted with us for at least 4 months.

A Bit About Us

We may have started small, but we’ve always had very big ideas. We launched in 2000 and we just haven’t stopped; a years’ worth of achievements always seems more like three at AO.

Our customers and now our biggest advocates, and we’ve made millions of them happy. We’ve even launched in new territories throughout Europe. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves.

But, we’re determined to be the best electrical retailer in Europe, and for that, you need to be driven. We need to be bold enough to try new things, and smart enough to see them through. We need to care about people, and we always like to have a little fun as we do it.

Why Choose AO?

It’s not about the job you need now, it’s about who you want to be and where you want go. The thing about AO is that you don’t have to leave to move on. We have the kind of environment where people learn and thrive and be the best they can be. That’s our values talking.

We empower each and every person to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re growing rapidly and so should you. Our environment and our culture are vibrant and engaging, you almost have to feel it to believe it.

"Our people are our biggest asset, they’re our culture: that unique, indescribable thing that makes us really different."

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